Domus Card

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Have you always wanted to live close to your childhood friend or help family member to purchase the apartment they cannot afford? Now it’s possible and easy too. Domus card is the best gift and anyone you want can use it.

Green Framework


“Domus Development” was founded 15th September, 2006. Our mission is creation of the environment, that makes every single person can feel the harmony. Our company has been implementing innovative projects where customer’s needs and wishes are taken in mind since the day of its establishment. 
''Domus'' team consists of qualified and experienced professionals. The construction is supervised by the best engineers and constructors, which is the guarantee of project's well-built structure, safety and convenience. 
''Domus Development'’s values always have been and will be quality, ecologically sustainable materials, social responsibility, architecturally advanced projects and functional apartments for perfect harmony in your live. That’s why in 2011 ''Domus development'' became the official certified user of Belgian company ''Reynaers Aluminum'’s doors and windows which stand out not only by their interior design values but also with advanced temperature and sound isolation capabilities. These doors and windows are being used in every single ''Domus'' project.
It’s impossible to plan your entire life ahead. That is why the company ''Domus'' exists - we ensure cozy, comfortable and beautiful housing experience for your family's comfort. We pre-plan what kind of services you are going to need after moving in, be it 5 days or 5 years.
Our relationship only starts with purchasing an apartment. We have a long and harmonic life together ahead.



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